FREE CLASS for everyone - Work once, sell the same thing many times

I stumbled across this opportunity when I was painting and looking for ways to make more money other than just selling the original piece of art.

When you create an original piece of art you can only sell it once and then you have to make another one. But if you can take that design or idea, create a digital image or take a photograph and add that to a physical product such as a tote bag, a poster, a mug, a t-shirt, a framed print...well then you can sell that piece of art over and over again. Less work but more money!

But if you are a busy artist, or a busy anyone, or you don't have the time, or the skills or the equipment to make those products, then that's where a Print on Demand partner can take care of all that for you.

In the past, you would still have to take your customer orders and send them to the printer, all of which would cut into your important time to make more art or spend with your family. NOT ANY MORE! Now you can completely automate the process so the whole thing is taken care of without you lifting a finger.

I'll show you how to use Etsy to sell your products and Printful to make, package and post them. It's easier than you think, and opens up a whole world of opportunity for anyone with an art or design idea to share.

No matter what you design or what type of art you create, if you can stick it on a mug, a bag, a t-shirt or similar you can sell it and enjoy a passive and additional income from what you create. Even if you aren't arty in the slightest you can create simple slogans or funny quotes to print onto products.

Just sit back and watch the orders fly in, the products being shipped out and the money building up in your bank account – just like magic.

A real passive income opportunity (but not a get rich quick scheme):

A free-to-start business of your own with a (near) passive income - yeah right. We've all heard about these passive income gurus where the class costs you hundreds of dollars, but you need thousands of followers to make it work, and the income is anything but passive. But there are actually a few genuine ways that you can earn a small income that ticks away into your bank account without any ongoing maintenance needed - after you have invested just some time to set it up of course.

At the time of creating this class, I've been travelling now for 12 months and am planning for 12 more. All that time I've been waking up to see sales going through and money trickling into my bank account without having to lift a finger. Nothing.

I'm happy to share how I do it with you, and this class is free so there is nothing stopping you doing it too. In fact, I encourage you to do it, and I'll show you step by step how you can make it happen.

What's this class all about and why should YOU take it?

E-commerce is booming and easier than ever to access for everyone. Grab your own piece of the e-commerce revolution and you can wake up to sales every morning. 

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The basics of what the class covers:

  • Set up an online store with Etsy
  • Stock it with products that you design but have not physically made or bought
  • Sit back and do nothing (or you can spend some time promoting your store to get more sales)
  • Those products sell
  • A company makes the product and sends it to your customer (that's known as drop shipping)
  • You keep the difference between what you sold it for and what it costs to make

A true "work once, sell the same thing many times" effect that earns you a passive income from work that you carried out to design that product months or years before.

Does it actually work?

During the recording of this class, less than 24 hours after I finished setting up the dummy store used as an example, I had my first sale. A customer found my store and bought two cushions. So yes, it works.

Of course, the better your designs, the more popular your products will be and the more sales you will make. And those who work hardest are luckiest! So stock your shop with lots of different designs to attract a wide range of customers - you get your first 40 listings in your Etsy store for free with the link I share in the class.

It costs you nothing to get started so what have you got to lose? Your new store could be the next big thing!

In the class, I will share a few inspiring examples of stores that are making hundreds or thousands of sales using this method, without ever making or posting a single one of them personally. If they can do it, so can you.

What you will learn in this class:

This class is for beginners and covers everything you need to get started with your own online store. Our topics will include:

  • How to open an Etsy store if you don't already have one
  • How to open an account with Printful
  • How to easily integrate the two accounts so they 'talk' to each other about your orders
  • How to set up your first product in Printful and 'push' it to your Etsy store
  • Making your first product live on Etsy
  • How to offer personalized or custom items (a big seller on Etsy)
  • How to order discounted samples
  • Using the mockup generator to create additional images for your products
  • Using an external mockup generator to make your products stand out
  • What happens when an order comes in
  • Customising and branding your packing slip

Come and join our private Facebook group to discuss strategy, pick up tips, share your store and designs, and chat with other students.

What is NOT covered in the class:

Our beginner class is just to get you started with Etsy and Printful, and show you how it works. What is NOT covered in this class, but available through multiple other classes here on this platform:

  • SEO for your Etsy store (get more customers from search traffic)
  • Graphic design skills
  • Marketing for your store

Who should take this class?

I was thinking just WHO is this class for? Truly, I think it's for everyone. I can't think of anyone who won't be able to benefit from this. Whether you are a student, a busy stay at home mom or dad, retired, unemployed or between jobs, or just looking to spend your spare time wisely to earn some extra cash - we can all do this and profit from it.

All you need is a little time. There is absolutely no outlay, you don't have to actually make, store, package or send anything. You don't even have to set aside a certain amount of time every day or week. Just add in a couple of new designs to your store whenever you get a chance.

There is nothing to lose except a little time when you'd probably be watching some terrible TV show anyway. So go for it, you could be making sales (and making a little extra money) very soon.

Ideal students for this class:

  • Budding entrepreneurs who want to start their own small business from home
  • Families looking to generate income to spend more time at home with their children
  • Anyone looking to get into e-commerce on a zero budget
  • Artists and designers, lettering or slogan writers, cartoonists, photographers, t-shirt designers, people who write inspiring quotes...and more
  • Entrepreneurs who want a near passive ongoing income without owning inventory
  • If you have an idea that could be printed on a mug, a t-shirt or similar
  • Existing businesses that provide digital products and would like to add physical products easily
  • Existing sellers on places like TeeSpring, RedBubble looking to expand into other markets
  • Digital nomads who want the freedom of an online business
  • Existing Etsy sellers manually placing orders with other Print on Demand suppliers
  • Other existing Print on Demand Dropshippers
  • and YOU!

Course curriculum

Meet your instructor

Deby Coles

Deby has been teaching and helping people all around the world to realise their dreams for the past 14 years. Whether its your first time exploring the underwater world and scuba diving, or making fascinating acrylic pouring art, learning to sew, or making glorious art with resin, she will lead you step by step to success. Her friendly and approachable style and 'keep it simple' step by step approach breaks down even the most complex of tasks into simple steps that progress until the project, task or dream is complete. Let her be your guide as you explore your creative side.